The Phoenix AWC is an indoor target shooting club for rifle and pistol.

We use designated target shooting weapons of .177 caliber.

The club is based at the All Saints Church Community Centre

New Cross Road ( see map )

The shooting range is available only on Wednesday evenings from 8.00pm until 10.00pm

The shooting ranges, which consist of 10 metre and 6 yards are in the Sports Hall

The Centre has undergone a major modernization refurbishment recently

and disabled access will soon be available.

Beginners are welcome to come along on a wednesday evening for an introduction.

Initial basic training and advice will be given to all new members.

Club members can take part in various competitions.

We have affiliation to EKPL a Kent postal league which runs a Summer and Winter competition.

Members are also eligable to take part in an annual NSRA/Eley competition

and successful finalists complete their shooting at the National shooting range.

There are also internal club competions for Cups and Trophies.

You can contact the club secretary by e-mail for further information.